Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Facebook Group for the 40 MHz & 60 MHz bands

There is now a new Facebook Group for those interested in the new 40 MHz & 60 MHz amateur radio bands...

The objective of the group is to allow those interested in the new 8-metre and 5-metre bands to share information about equipment, antennas, propagation and tests.

By having a dedicated Facebook group, there is now a place where people interested in the new bands can get to talk to each other.

Prior to this, a lot of the 40 MHz and 60 MHz information and posts was buried in the noise of other groups and forums.

The group is open to all those with or without amateur radio call signs. Any information about other Low Band VHF signals and propagation is also welcome. i.e. 30 to 49 MHz and 54 to 69 MHz.

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