Monday, May 18, 2020

Reception reports for the EI1KNH 40 MHz Beacon - May 2020

Sunday 17th May 2020. Interesting to see a report on the PSKReporter website showing EA3ERE near Barcelona reporting reception of the EI1KNH/B beacon on 40.013 MHz.

F4FRQ in JN37KQ also reported it on the DX Cluster.

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Photon said...

Oh no! Another band that is taking my interest now, thanks to these posts! I'm meant to be moving away from home QTH radio, and into more portable operating. I will need a bigger van...

John, EI7GL said...

Welcome to the slippery slope John!

You should be well able to hear the Irish beacons on 40 MHz & 60 MHz in Anglesey.

ea3ere said...

Hello everyone my rx conditions are:
  ant: dipole hf
  rx: generic dongle rtl (€ 10)
  soft: hdsdr + pi-rx

73 DXss

Dh5ym said...

Heard your beacon last weekend with really strong signal. 2m vertical mobile antenna and rtlsdr receiver. About 599 here in jo61uc.
73 de DH5YM Mario

F1EIT Jo said...

HRD again july 26th around 1300
IC575A + 50MHz Hentenna
still never heard OZ7IGY
i will build an EI9KP loop ...
73 , Jo F1EIT JN03SJ