Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Nice opening to Australia on 28 MHz... 22nd Dec 2020


There was a nice opening to the Middle East and Australia on the 22nd of December 2020. The F2 opening coincided with some Sporadic-E to Europe so it was a pretty good day.

According to the PSK Reporter website, I heard 155 stations which is a reasonable number.

These are the stations I heard from Australia...

Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
VK3GYH 10m FT8 17467 km 09:27:59
VK3EW 10m FT8 17464 km 09:32:29
VK3PT 10m FT8 17461 km 09:21:29
VK3MH 10m FT8 17420 km 10:09:14
VK3BDX 10m FT8 17408 km 09:42:14
VK2QV 10m FT8 17406 km 10:10:14
VK3JA 10m FT8 17379 km 10:28:59
VK3FNJ 10m FT8 17274 km 09:14:00
VK5ST 10m FT8 16787 km 09:16:59
VK5IR 10m FT8 16784 km 09:16:59

The Solar Flux was at 80 which is pretty low.

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