Friday, April 16, 2021

VO1FN 144 MHz Trans-Atlantic Project mentioned on Radio DARC broadcast on the Short Wave Band

Radio DARC is a short program broadcast on 6.070 KHz with 100 KW on Sundays at 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) about amateur radio with a lot of music.

On Sunday the 18th of April 2021, the VO1FN Trans-Atlantic project on 144 MHz gets a mention in their news items at about 10 minutes in.

While the program is broadcast in German, it does raise awareness about the 'VO1FN Trans-Atlantik Projekt' among a much wider community.

Radio DARC broadcast locally via FM and DAB in Germany, Austria and Italy. It is also broadcast on 3955 kHz and 9670 kHz for an audience outside of Germany. If you hear the broadcast then you can send them a reception report.

You can find out more about Radio DARC and their transmission times here...

More information about the VO1FN Trans-Atlantic Project can be found in this previous blog post.

Thanks to Joerg, DM4DL for the above information.

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VO1HP said...

I am thrilled that DARC will cover the project. Thanks for posting.

Frank VO1HP