Monday, April 12, 2021

Weak opening to South America - 12th Apr 2021

The 28 MHz band was pretty quiet for most of the day and only really came to live around 20:00 UTC when there was an opening to South America.

Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
CE3BT 10m FT8 11247 km 19:34:29
LU1COP 10m FT8 10776 km 20:22:29
LU9HPO 10m FT8 10676 km 20:16:14
CT2HMR 10m FT8 1176 km 14:47:45
DK3EE 10m FT8 1160 km 16:48:11
G4FKA 10m FT8 408 km 14:14:02
EI4GEB 10m FT8 79 km 21:05:44

F2 propagation or Trans-Equatorial Propagation (TEP)???

South America is a poor direction for me and I was only hearing the signals coming in at a high enough angle to clear my local hill.

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