Sunday, March 28, 2021

Latest stats from ClubLog website show over 50% of contacts in 2020 were via FT8


The latest stats from the Clublog website suggests that the FT8 digital mode now accounts for over half of all contacts made on the amateur radio bands in the year 2020.

The chart below from July 2017 to March 2021 shows how FT8 has grown to dominate the bands since its release in the second half of 2017.

Surprisingly, the newer and faster FT4 mode doesn't seem to have made any inroads on the popularity of FT8 since its introduction in late 2019.

Tens of thousands of logs are uploaded to the Clublog website every year and the data trends for 2020 are based on over 66.4 million contacts.


1) G7VJR blog post


Anonymous said...

One of the first rules when performing analysis on data:

I am sure of it that the data is not complete.
Not all QSO's made in this world are logged in Clublog. That's only one check.
Another check that has to be performed, is the data correct (right mode etc.)

Is Clublog a good representation of all QSO's in the world?
This has not been proven. It is an assumption, not more. That assumption has not been checked using data, it is just a thought of someone.

Therefore: the analysis of Clublog data splitting in mode-groups can not be trusted and leads to wrong conclusions.
The only conclusion is that in the data, there is a high percentage of mode FT-8.

Arie PA3A

John, EI7GL said...

You're right Arie, there is probably some bias in the data but the survey is based on a sample size of 66 million contacts in 13 months which is huge. The exact percentage could be debated but the overall picture is probably reasonably accurate.

Anonymous said...

It's worth to follow the link to Clublog and review the raw data.
Most important note in G7VJR blog (for me):
In 2015, the typical callsign logged 620 CW QSOs, 558 SSB QSOs and 372 data QSOs.
In 2020, the typical callsign logged 500 CW QSOs, 300 SSB QSOs, and 1700 data QSOs.

Conclusion, FT8 is increasing activity overall and not only moving activity away from CW/SSB.

73 Ralf, dl9dra