Friday, May 28, 2021

First 9A to 9A contact on 40 MHz - 25th May 2021

25th May 2021: A little bit of history was made on the 40 MHz band on the 25th of May when the first contact between two stations in Croatia took place.

At 06:00 UTC, Patrik, 9A5CW and Zeljko, 9A2EY completed a successful FT8 contact on 40.680 MHz.

The distance was 24.5kms between the two stations over an obstructed path and both stations were using vertical non-resonant HF antennas.

One of the antennas was a vertical for the 60m HF band without a tuner and the radio was an ICOM IC706 Mk2.

Hopefully this will encourage more 9A stations to experiment with the band.

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