Friday, May 7, 2021

Modest opening on 28 MHz - 6th May 2021

Thursday 6th May 2021: Another modest day on the 28 MHz with 302 stations in 43 countries heard on FT8. Outside of the Sporadic-E to Europe, a number of signals came through from South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Two signals of note were 5T5PA from Mauritania and 9J2BS from Zambia.

I did a few scans of the band during the day and I didn't hear a single CW beacon. 

I'll probably spend a few more days monitoring the band to see when the first multi-hop Sporadic-E opening to the USA occurs.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you are getting some Es but here a bit north of you in jock land its been poor so far , as you know i dont monitor ft8 and only cw ssb and mostly i listen to 11m but i havent had any full blown openings as yet , meteor scatter on b2 keeps my interest up for the moment , 73 David MM3FYA